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SmartSell: Elevating Sales with Opportunity-Based Product Recommendations

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AppExchange Smart Sell product

Winfomi SmartSell: Boost Sales Productivity with Intelligent Product Recommendations

Winfomi SmartSell is a powerful AppExchange product designed to supercharge your sales teams efficiency and effectiveness. Here how it streamlines the sales process and drives revenue growth for your business

Your Sales Teams Secret Weapon

Imagine this a salesperson opens an opportunity and instantly sees a personalized list of product recommendations tailored to the specific customer. No more time wasted searching for relevant products or missing out on potential upsells. SmartSell analyzes key opportunity details, like industry, customer type, or past purchases, to provide real-time suggestions that are highly relevant to each deal.

Boost Productivity and Close More Deals

SmartSell streamlines the sales process by eliminating the need for manual product searches. This frees up valuable time for your sales team to focus on building relationships, crafting compelling proposals, and ultimately, closing more deals. With relevant product recommendations readily available, your salespeople can confidently present the most suitable options to each customer, increasing their average order value and driving revenue growth.

Cost-Effective Sales Enablement

Start reaping the benefits of SmartSell without breaking the bank! This Winfomi AppExchange product operates on a customer-friendly pricing model, with no installation or usage fees. Its a cost-effective way to empower your sales team and optimize your Salesforce environment for maximum productivity and revenue generation.

Ready to Take Your Sales to the Next Level?

Winfomi SmartSell is a powerful tool designed to transform the way your sales team operates. By leveraging intelligent product recommendations, SmartSell empowers your salespeople to work smarter, not harder,
ultimately leading to more deals closed and a significant boost to your bottom line.

Highlights of Winfomi
SmartSell AppExchange Product


Custom configuration

Easily set up Opportunity Field and Product Suggestion Mappings to tailor the app to your specific business requirements.


Dynamic Product Suggestions

Products are dynamically suggested on the Opportunity Page based on configured field values, providing real-time and relevant recommendations.


Effortless Addition

Streamline the sales process by enabling salespersons to effortlessly add suggested products to the opportunity with a few clicks.


Sales productivity Boost

Enhance salesperson productivity by eliminating the manual effort of searching for products, allowing them to focus on closing deals.


Revenue optimization

Increase company revenue by facilitating quicker and more informed sales decisions through intelligent product suggestions.


Free to Install and Use

The app operates on a Winfomi Package with a pricing model that is customer-friendly – no charges for installation or usage.

SmartSell Opportunity Product Suggestion
suggests aligned products, enhancing sales productivity. 

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Pricing Details

Enjoy full access to this solution completely free of charge.
You can utilize all its features and functionalities without any payment required. 
Boost sales productivity with Winfomi SmartSell Opportunity Product Suggestion
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