Call, SMS Feature to facilitate Meditation Events

Business Problem

The client is a volunteer-based non-profit organization. They conduct meditation sessions for the people. They needed a business need to enable Teacher to Contact attendees by Call and SMS. They wanted Rich User Experience and many extra features.


After thorough analysis of this requirement, We understood that there was limitation to use Salesforce AppExchange Apps to meet this requirement. We evaluated to use Twilio APIs for this Purpose. We created a Lightning Web Component for all UI related functionalities from where Teacher can initiate Call or SMS.

Once Teacher initiates Call or SMS, in Backend using Apex Callout we call Twilio APIs and enable Call or SMS. For handling any Failures, we crate Error Log object and logged all failure for debugging it easily. We also tracked all Call and SMS initiated from Salesforce for Reporting Purpose.


We didn’t use any thirdparty tool for making call or sms. We used Twilio APIs for achieving all the things. So until feature starts working it was dark side for us. We faced many issues and resolved by ourselves. Failure handling was an important aspect to think about all the scenarios and architect


Increase in number of Event Booking

Increase in Revenue due to more Event Booking

Good Customer Engagement

Volunteer Productivity Increase

Insights on Customer Behavior and Events