Loan Application Submission, Document Submission in Salesforce

Initial Situation

Our client, a financial sector company, collected loan applications through their website. However, the process of transferring the applications from their website database to Salesforce was manual and time-consuming. Additionally, the communication and document collection between the loan partner and the customer were also handled manually. Seeking optimization and automation, the client initially approached us to improve the loan application submission process. Impressed with our deployment, they later entrusted us to innovate the entire loan application process, aiming to enhance the productivity of their loan partners, improve the customer experience, and increase revenue.

What we have done

To address the challenges and achieve the desired improvements, we leveraged the power of Salesforce and implemented the following solutions:

Loan Application Submission Form

We designed a custom Lightning Web Component (LWC) for the loan application submission process. This component was integrated into the client's website, enabling loan applicants to submit their applications directly on the Salesforce platform. By eliminating the need for an intermediate website form and database integration, we streamlined the submission process, enhancing loan partner productivity and reducing costs.

Loan Application Document Collection & Processing

To optimize the document collection process, we incorporated a Salesforce Public LWC Component link within the emails sent by the loan partners to customers. This link allowed customers to easily upload all required documents and submit them directly to Salesforce. By eliminating the manual handling of documents, we significantly reduced the workload for loan partners and expedited the loan processing speed. This efficiency improvement resulted in increased revenue generation for the client.

Additional Features and Demo Video

Both the Loan Application Submission Form and Document Collection components were developed with additional features to enhance the overall experience for loan applicants and loan partners. While not detailed in this case study, we ensured these components provided a comprehensive solution for loan application gathering, document collection, and processing. To showcase the capabilities of our solution, we will be releasing a demo video in the near future.


The implementation of our Salesforce-based loan application gathering, document collection, and processing solutions delivered significant outcomes for our client:


Increased Productivity of Loan Partners: The automation and streamlining of processes reduced manual work for loan partners, allowing them to focus on more value-added tasks and improving overall productivity.


Enhanced Customer Experience: By providing an intuitive and user-friendly application submission form and simplified document collection process, we improved the customer experience. Customers could easily submit their applications and upload required documents, resulting in a smoother and more efficient interaction with the financial institution.


Revenue Growth: The optimization of the loan application and document processing workflows resulted in faster loan processing times. This, in turn, increased the number of loans processed, leading to revenue growth for the client.


Through the power of Salesforce and our expertise in optimizing business processes, we successfully transformed our client's loan application gathering, document collection, and processing workflows. By eliminating manual tasks, improving efficiency, and enhancing the customer experience, we enabled our client to achieve greater productivity, increased revenue, and a competitive edge in the financial sector. Our custom solutions demonstrated the value of leveraging Salesforce for process automation and streamlined operations, showcasing our commitment to empowering businesses and driving their success.



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