Smarter Logistics Carrier and Shipper Onboarding: Simplifying Document Processing and Collaboration with E-Signatures

Client Overview

Our client is a leading logistics provider with over two decades of industry experience, specializing in transportation services across various modes such as FTL (Full Truckload), Reefer (Refrigerated Truckload), LTL (Less Than Truckload), Flatbed Truckload, Drayage, and Intermodal. With a strong customer base of over 200 clients and processing more than 50,000 loads through the full lifecycle, they have built a reputation for providing reliable and efficient transportation solutions. Their operations involve extensive collaboration with carriers and shippers, requiring the exchange of important documents throughout the logistics process.

Business Problem

The client faced several challenges with their existing document processing and collaboration procedures:


Manual and Time-Consuming Process: The client relied on a manual process of sending physical documents to carriers and shippers, who had to print, fill out, sign, initial, and return the documents. This process was time-consuming, prone to delays, and required significant administrative effort.


Complex and Lengthy Documents: The documents that carriers and shippers needed to complete were lengthy and complex, consisting of approximately 30 pages with numerous entries. This complexity made it challenging for them to navigate the documents efficiently and accurately fill out all the required fields.


Dependency on Physical Signatures: The reliance on physical signatures and initials created delays in the logistics workflow. The client had to wait for the physical documents to be returned before proceeding with further processes, leading to potential disruptions and slower turnaround times.


Data Entry Errors and Inconsistencies: Manual data entry introduced a higher risk of errors and inconsistencies in the information provided by carriers and shippers. Transcribing data from physical documents into the transportation management system increased the potential for mistakes, impacting the accuracy and reliability of the logistics process.


Lack of Real-Time Collaboration: The manual process lacked real-time collaboration between the client, carriers, and shippers. Any changes or updates to the documents required a back-and-forth exchange, leading to delays in communication and decision-making.


Limited Document Storage and Retrieval: Storing physical documents posed challenges in terms of space, organization, and retrieval. The risk of misplacement or damage was higher, and retrieving specific documents or information from a large collection of physical files was time-consuming and inefficient.


Integration Gap with Transportation Management System: The client's transportation management system, housed in Salesforce, was not integrated with the document handling process. This disconnect between document management and the overall logistics workflow led to inefficiencies and potential data discrepancies.


To address these challenges and simplify document processing and collaboration, Winfomi implemented the following solutions:


Carrier and Shipper Documents Generation using VF Page and Apex: Winfomi utilized Visualforce (VF) Pages and Salesforce's Apex programming language to generate the Carrier and Shipper Documents. A custom Visualforce Page was designed to structure and layout the documents, incorporating the necessary fields and sections for carriers and shippers to fill out. Apex code handled the logic behind document generation, including populating dynamic data and retrieving information from Salesforce objects. This dynamic and customizable approach streamlined the generation of Carrier and Shipper Documents.


Enablement of Carrier and Shipper Documents filling through Email Link: Winfomi enabled an email link feature to facilitate document filling. Once the documents were generated, an email containing a secure link was sent to carriers and shippers. This link directed them to a web page hosted on the Experience Site, where they could access and fill out the documents electronically. This eliminated the need for physical delivery and allowed carriers and shippers to conveniently complete the documents online.


E-Signature of Carrier and Shipper Documents: Winfomi integrated e-signature functionality into the Carrier and Shipper Documents. Compatible e-signature technology enabled carriers and shippers to electronically sign and initial the documents directly on the web page. This secure and legally recognized method eliminated the need for physical signatures, reduced turnaround time, and ensured compliance with electronic signature regulations.


Attaching Submitted Carrier and Shipper Documents in Salesforce: After carriers and shippers electronically filled out and submitted the documents, Winfomi's solution automatically stored the submitted documents within Salesforce. Apex code handled the storage and attachment of documents to the relevant records, such as associated shipments or transactions. This centralized storage allowed for easy access, retrieval, and tracking of submitted documents within Salesforce.


Implementing Winfomi's solution resulted in significant improvements for our client:


Improved Efficiency and Time Savings: The automation of document generation and electronic filling saved considerable manual effort and time for both the client and carriers/shippers. The simplified process allowed them to focus on other important tasks, rather than spending time completing lengthy documents manually.


Enhanced Accuracy and Data Integrity: The structured VF Pages and predefined static values improved accuracy and consistency in data entry. The reduced risk of errors and omissions ensured improved data integrity and reduced the need for manual verification and correction.


Faster Document Submission and Processing: The enablement of document filling through email links accelerated the submission process. Carriers and shippers could conveniently access and complete the documents online, resulting in faster processing, review, and approval by the client.


Enhanced Collaboration and Communication: The integration of e-signature functionality facilitated seamless collaboration between the client, carriers, and shippers. Eliminating the need for physical signatures improved communication and document sharing electronically, reducing reliance on paper-based communication.


Centralized Document Storage and Accessibility: Automatic attachment of submitted documents in Salesforce created a centralized repository for document storage. This improved document retrieval, tracking, and referencing, providing a comprehensive view of shipment or transaction history and supporting effective record-keeping and compliance requirements.


Improved Customer Experience: The streamlined document handling process and integration with the transportation management system in Salesforce enhanced the overall customer experience. Carriers and shippers could complete documents quickly and easily, reducing administrative burdens and improving satisfaction with the client's services.


With Winfomi's solution, our client successfully simplified document processing and collaboration, leading to increased efficiency, accuracy, and customer satisfaction in their logistics operations.



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