Investor Portal for Real Estate Company

Business Problem

To address the client's requirements, we developed an Investor Login Portal in the form of an Experience Site. This portal allowed investors to securely access relevant information about the funds they were invested in or associated with. To ensure data privacy and controlled access, we utilized Salesforce's Sharing Rules feature, enabling different investors to view only the details related to their specific funds.

For the comprehensive performance view, we leveraged Salesforce's standard dashboard feature, which provided a dashboard view with all the necessary measures and dimensions. This allowed investors to gain valuable insights into the performance of their entity fund-related rentals and properties.

While most requirements were met using Salesforce's standard features, some specific needs called for custom solutions. In such cases, we employed Lightning Web Components, a powerful development framework within the Salesforce ecosystem, to create custom components and enhance the user experience.

The rental approval process presented a unique challenge as it deviated from Salesforce's standard approval process. To address this, we developed a custom solution using a combination of Lightning Web Components and Apex, Salesforce's programming language. This allowed investors to participate in rental approvals efficiently and effectively.

Impact of this Project for us

The Investor Portal we developed had a significant impact on our client's business. The implementation of the portal resulted in the following outcomes

  • Visibility and Insights for Investors: The portal provided investors with enhanced visibility and valuable insights into the performance of their real estate investments. They could access key metrics and data through the comprehensive dashboard view, enabling them to make informed decisions.
  • Increased Investment Amount: With a user-friendly and transparent platform in place, the client experienced an increase in investment amounts from existing investors. The portal's accessibility and the insights it provided instilled confidence and encouraged investors to further engage with the company.
  • Company Revenue Growth: The successful implementation of the Investor Portal contributed to the overall revenue growth of the client's real estate investment firm. The portal streamlined investor interactions, leading to improved investor satisfaction and increased investment activity.
  • More Sales Opportunities: The Investor Portal served as a catalyst for attracting new investors. Its user-friendly interface, combined with the ability to showcase the performance of the investment funds, proved to be an effective sales tool for the client. The portal became an important element in their marketing efforts, generating new sales opportunities.


The creation of the Investor Portal for our real estate investment client proved to be a game-changer for their business. By providing investors with a secure and informative platform, the client achieved increased investor engagement, improved financial performance, and a competitive edge in the market. The successful collaboration between our team and the client led to a long-lasting partnership, as we continued to support their evolving needs in the real estate industry.