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In today data-driven world, unlocking actionable insights from your Salesforce data is crucial for success. But sifting through vast amounts of information can be overwhelming. Winfomi Data Analytics & AI Service empowers you to transform raw data into valuable insights, driving smarter business decisions and optimizing your Salesforce experience.

Here what sets us apart

  • Data Expertise: Our team of certified data analysts and AI specialists possess deep expertise in extracting meaningful insights from Salesforce data.
  • Actionable Reporting & Dashboards: We go beyond basic reporting. We create custom dashboards and reports that visualize key metrics and trends, making it easy to identify opportunities and track progress.
  • Predictive Analytics:Leverage the power of AI to predict customer behavior, churn risk, and sales opportunities. Make data-driven decisions and stay ahead of the curve.
  • Salesforce Customization: Our service seamlessly integrates with your existing Salesforce environment, ensuring a smooth workflow and easy access to valuable insights.
  • Data Storytelling: We dont just present data – we tell a story. We translate complex information into clear and concise insights that drive action across your organization.
Salesforce AI service

Salesforce Reports & Dashboards

Disappointed with standard Salesforce reporting? Winfomi Salesforce Reports & Dashboards service delivers personalized, data-driven insights just for you. Say goodbye to basic metrics and hello to interactive visualizations that unveil trends, spot opportunities, and fuel data-informed decisions throughout your company. Get in touch with Winfomi now to witness your Salesforce data spring to life!

  • Customized Insights: Our Salesforce Reports & Dashboards service tailors data analysis to your specific requirements, providing insights that are relevant and actionable for your business.
  • Interactive Visualizations: Move beyond static reports with dynamic visualizations that allow you to explore data trends and uncover hidden opportunities.
  • Data-Informed Decision Making: Empower your organization to make informed decisions based on real-time data, driving efficiency and success across all levels.
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CRM Analytics

Dissatisfied with the general salesforce reports? Salesforce CRM Analytics by Winfomi takes an extra plunge, utilizing the power of advanced analytics and AI to bring forth significant discoveries from your customer data. Create a holistic image of your customers, predict future trends, and optimize your CRM strategy for better outcomes. Use analytics to understand the entire customers purchasing cycle, including their choices, wants, and demands, to give tailored responses that lead to satisfaction and attachment.

Winfomi Salesforce CRM Service

Predictive Insights:

Now it is possible to predict future trends and customer behavior by using analytics of predictions that facilitate proactive decisions and strategic adjustments.

Several studies have shown that enhancing CRM performance is directly associated with higher customer satisfaction levels, increased loyalty and retention, and better financial outcomes for companies.

The optimization of your CRM strategy using insights from data could mean a significant boost in customer satisfaction, an increase in customer retention, and possible business growth.

Winfomi Salesforce Data Cloud Implementation Service

Data Cloud implementation service

Is your customer-related data all over and fragmented? Salesforce Data Cloud Implementation Service by Winfomi enables you to aggregate your data sources into a single source and form a unified customer view that spans the usage experience, making it easier to segment your audiences, derive real-time insights, and personalize marketing, all maintained by compliance and governance. With Winfomi’s Data Cloud Implementation Service, you’ll be able to.

  • Unified Customer View: Pulling sources together in a simple, connected view of your customer and allowing you to personalize communications and segments effectively.
  • Enhanced Segmentation: Taking data to create meaning for audience groups that you can then customize your offering and messaging.
  • Compliance and Governance: Use regulation to protect your customers by your internal policy outreach.

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