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We are proud to present our range of innovative AppExchange products designed to enhance your Salesforce experience and lead to success for your organization.

Salesforce AppExchange products

Introducing Our AppExchange Products

SmartSell - Opportunity Product Suggestion

The SmartSell Opportunity Product Suggestion component offers The functionality to showcase products aligned with opportunity Field values.
It enables effortless addition of suggested products
To the opportunity, thereby boosting salesperson productivity. 

Salesforce AppExchange Smart Sell

Why Choose Winfomi AppExchange Products?

Salesforce Expert

Built by Salesforce Experts:

Our team of certified developers ensures that each product is tailored to your Salesforce requirements. That precisely our goal.


Pre-Built and Ready-to-Use:

We offer software that combines all solutions from the start, saving you time and resources.

Ongoing support

Ongoing Support:

With Winfomi AppExchange, you receive continuous support to ensure your AppExchange products are a worthwhile investment.

Our Awards and Recognition 

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