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Welcome to Winfomi Salesforce Org Cleanup Services! We are help you to Simplify and optimize your Salesforce instance so you can enjoy better performance and efficiency. Simplifying your Salesforce organization, improving data quality, and getting the most out of your CRM investment.

What is Salesforce Org Cleanup?

Salesforce Org Cleanup is a service that is designed to clean up and organize your Salesforce environment regarding its configuration and maintenance. It is a process of finding, eliminating, and keeping up with obsolete or unessential data typologies and configurations to provide a seamless and smooth system.

Salesforce Org cleanup Service

Salesforce Org Cleanup Services

Data Cleanup:

  • Duplicate Record Removal: Identify and push out duplicate records to avoid creating and keeping them twice.
  • Data Deletion: Retain only current/relevant data required for daily operation and pertinent regulations.
  • Data Validation: Data Validation and Standardization of data formats to secure consistency and accuracy across all the organizations Salesforce instance.
  • Data Archiving: Archive the historic data to keep an active storage space necessary for current and long-term reference. Field Cleanup:

Field Cleanup:

  • Unused Field Identification: Analyze custom and standard fields to identify those fields that are used no longer or have already been reassigned functions new ones.
  • Field Optimization: Make best use of your field layouts by making data visible, offering a good user experience, and containing data entry cost through optimization.
  • Field Data Migration: Transfer data from old or outdated fields reserved to known and used fields to avoid data inconsistencies and improve processes efficiency.

Workflow Cleanup:

  • Workflow Analysis: Analyze the current flows of work, approval processes and work settings for identifying any redundancies or inefficiencies.
  • Workflow Optimization: Optimize workflows through redesigning of approvals, making work more automated to reduce manual efforts and have a positive effect on overall efficiency.
  • Unused Workflow Rule Removal: Disable or deactivate unused workflow rules and automation triggers which can be associated with many inefficiencies, and stupidity and can potentially be improved by decluttering the platform.
What is salesforce org cleanup

Salesforce Org Cleanup Services

Permission Cleanup:

  • Access Control Review: Review user profiles, permission sets, and sharing settings to ensure appropriate access controls and data security.
  • Permission Set Cleanup: Identify and remove unused or unnecessary permission sets to simplify permission management and reduce complexity.
  • Role Hierarchy Adjustment: Adjust role hierarchies and role assignments based on organizational changes or role redundancies.

Dashboard and Report Cleanup:

  • Dashboard and Report Audit: Audit existing dashboards and reports to identify outdated or unused reports and dashboards.
  • Dashboard and Report Optimization: Optimize dashboard layouts, remove redundant reports, and update report filters for better data visualization and decision-making.

AppExchange App Cleanup:

  • App Usage Assessment: Evaluate usage and relevance of installed AppExchange apps to determine if any apps are unused or no longer needed.
  • App Removal and Replacement: Remove unused or redundant AppExchange apps and replace them with more relevant and efficient alternatives to optimize app usage and costs.

Integration Cleanup:

  • Integration Assessment: Assess existing integrations with external systems to identify redundant or outdated integrations. .
  • Integration Optimization: Optimize integrations by updating APIs, removing redundant connections, and ensuring seamless data flow between systems. .
What is salesforce org cleanup

How Does Salesforce Org Cleanup Benefit Your Business?

  • Improved Data Quality: Identifying and removing doubles, corrections of incomplete, or removing all old records, to ensure the accuracy and integrity of data.
  • Enhanced System Performance: We achieve this by removing the excess and focus on what has the highest value that enables faster system performance, lower page load times and better experience at the end of the day.
  • Simplified Workflows: Planning and putting SalesForce infrastructure on order facilitates the process of completing all necessary workflow charts that may later become complicated for users to follow.
  • Cost Savings: By removing unused features or having duplication of its kind, you will cut costs by maximizing your Salesforce subscription as well as your storage space utilization.
  • Compliance and Security: We make sure that our Salesforce instance is accurate and consistent with data privacy laws and security best practices, which leads to reduced risk and compliance.
How Does Salesforce Org Cleanup Benefit Your Business?

Our Approach to Salesforce Org Cleanup:

  • Assessment: Generally, we organize a deep inspection of your Salesforce org as our team’s task is to establish the development direction, highlight data quality issues and unnecessary usage of functions.
  • Cleanup and Optimization: Our own professionals remove repetitive information, simplify the workflow, and configure their settings in accordance with the organizational processes of your company.
  • Training and Support: We are determined to give your staff the training and resources needed to sustain the informed setup and continuous data cleanness. .
  • Ongoing Monitoring: We provide instant tracking and maintenance support to be sure that your Salesforce platform is always in good order, speedy, and is matched to your specific business requirements.
Our Approach to Salesforce Org Cleanup

Why Choose Winfomi for Salesforce Org Cleanup?

  • Dedicated Team of Salesforce Experts:

Our team at Winfomi consists of highly skilled Salesforce professionals. These experts have years of experience in assessing, optimizing, and implementing Salesforce systems for various businesses.

  • Extensive Experience in System Assessment:

We have a track record of successfully evaluating Salesforce systems across different industries. This experience enables us to understand the unique needs and challenges of your business.

  • Expertise in Optimization:

Optimization is not just about fixing issues; it is about fine-tuning your Salesforce to work at its best. Our team knows how to optimize configurations, workflows, and integrations to improve performance and efficiency.

  • Focus on Customer Satisfaction:

At Winfomi, customer satisfaction is our top priority. We listen to your concerns, understand your goals, and tailor our solutions to meet your specific requirements.

  • Measurable Results:

We believe in delivering results that you can see and measure. Our approach is data-driven, and we provide insights and metrics to showcase the improvements made after the Salesforce Health Check.

  • Drive Business Success:

Ultimately, our goal is to help your business succeed. By optimizing your Salesforce system, we empower your team with better tools and processes, leading to increased productivity and better decision-making.

Why choose winfomi for salesforce health check

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